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Hi and Welcome to RealEstateRealityCheck.com.

From our site we want to educate the real estate investors and Airbnb Hosts to the world of possibilities. We specialize in Tips, Tricks and Traps to landlording and Hosting. This site is founded, funded and operated by NB Global Design, a Wyoming LLC.

The Editor is Brandy Edwards.

Brandy has been an accountant for over 20 years, a real estate investor since 1995 – and an avid writer but she is not sure when that started. All articles are the property of RealEstateRealityCheck.com and we thank any of our guests and friends for their contributions. Their aim, and ours, is for the education of real estate investors.

We do not give financial, investing, legal, or accounting advice.  All content is offered as educational material only.  While we stand by what we and contributors write, you should always seek advice from financial, investing, legal, accounting, and other professionals.  Your specific situation might vary from what we present or understand so we always advise seeking expert help for your specific situation(s).

Our purpose is to fill in the gaps of learning – we know from learning the hardway where those pitfalls are – and want to supply the tips, tricks and traps (to avoid) to speed our readers’ learning.

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