How Can I Get Rid of Fleas in My Rental?

There are two basic ways to get rid of fleas – with nature or with chemicals.

How do I Chemically Treat My Rental/Airbnb for Fleas

My recommendation if you are doing the treatment yourself is Raid’s Max No Mess Dry Fgger flea bomb in which you set the flea bomb inside a small container or water – it slow activates and the fog rolls under everything. Since I do have a hard time finding it, I have had to look for other products. I have no chemical preference – as far as I’m concerned any chemical is good. However, look for one with odor elimination. Hotshot makes at least two brands with odor elimination that can be purchased at Walmart.

Here’s the Raid one I like.

Raid fogger

The strong chemical smell is a big no to renters and guests – so air out completely.

chemicals left from flea bombs can stink

Can I Use Baking Soda to Treat Fleas in Rentals and Airbnbs?

Baking soda is a natural and safe way to treat Carpeting and furniture for fleas.

Sprinkle directly into the carpet and use a a scrub brush and GENTLY make sure and work the baking soda into the fibers of the carpet (you don’t actually want to scrub and damage your carpet). Don’t forget to get the corners and the edges near the baseboard – this is a common place for fleas to hide. Leave on at least overnight. Vacuum with a good vacuum the following day.

How do I use Salt to Treat For Fleas in Rentals and Airbnbs?

The main purpose of using salt is to dehydrate the fleas. And of course, it’s a natural product. Use the fine ground salt not kosher salt. You want to gently work the salt into the fibers of the carpet and leave at least a day- a couple days is better. Vacuum with a good vacuum cleaner

Note: While this does dehydrate fleas – this mostly dehydrates the eggs. This means it may take more than one application.

How Do I create a Natural Light Flea Trap?

We are not talking about a natural light lamp; but rather, a lamp in which you can kill fleas naturally as opposed to chemicals.

To kill fleas with a light trap you will need to mix water and a little dishwashing liquid in a shallow bowl. Set it on the carpet. Have a small desk lamp with a bright light shine on this bowl. At night time it should be the only light on; fleas will be attracted to the light and hop into the soapy water. The soapy water is what keeps them from hoping out. The light does not actually kill them.

The downside to this is; it does not actually kill the eggs; just the adult fleas. You may have to do more than one round. Note – don’t leave around for a renter or guest to see – or for a pet to lap up.

If you don’t want to make your own light trap you can purchase one at most grocery stores, Walmart, or Amazon.

Can I Make a Natural Flea Killing Mix?

A natural mix to kill flees includes vinegar, water, lemon juice and witch hazel. The mix is 4 cups Vinegar, 2 cups Water, 1/2 cup Lemon juice, and a 1/4 cup Witch Hazel. Mix and place in a spray bottle. Spray all affected areas such as carpeting, furniture, beds, and rugs.

The Vinegar kills fleas (but can be damaging over the long run if used too much), and the lemon oil and witch hazel serve as a repellent. This may be a strong smell for a short while and you might have to air the property out.

Harsh chemicals versus natural chemicals

Can I use Lemon Oil as a Natural Flea Killer in a Rental or Airbnb?

Lemon oil can be used to repel fleas, however, it doesn’t generally kill fleas. Fleas tend to hate the smell of Lemon oil. Lemon oil can be used to prevent your guests from leaving unwanted guests (i.e. fleas) if they sneak a pet in. Keep in mind, even though fleas hate lemon oil it’s not like it gives the fleas a direction sign on how to exit the property.

To make a lemon oil spray take about a quart of water and boil 4 sliced up lemons. Leave overnight to sit and the next day put in a spray bottle. Spray areas such as carpeting, bedding, sofas and rugs.

Lemon oil

Can Sedimentary Rock Kill Fleas?

This is called Diatomaceous Earth, it’s finely crushed sedimentary rock. Sprinkle on carpet and leave for at least a day (two is better) then vacuum. Don’t forget corners. The crushed rock tears at the exoskeleton of fleas and their eggs. It’s non-poisonous and safe for pets and kids. It’s no more dangerous than table salt.

It can be purchased cheaply off the internet (Amazon) or Walmart.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

The importance of vacuuming cannot be overstated. The fleas themselves and their eggs can be at least partially eliminated by frequent vacuuming. And don’t forget to immediately through away the bag or in the case of bagless vacuums, empty into the garbage that is removed from the premises.

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