How Much Will it Cost to Furnish an Airbnb?

The average cost to furnish an Airbnb, 2 bedroom 1 or 2 bath house is from $3000 to $4000 – depending on what furnishing you already have and what furnishing you are willing to gather second hand. For a higher-end plan on 10K per bedroom.

My primary go-to is Craigslist.

Here is a breakdown of the average per area:

Bedrooms (2)$1500
Kitchen/Dining Area $400
Living Room$1500
Extras/Supplies $600
breakdown of estimate furnishing costs


Beds are probably the most expensive part of the furnishings as mattresses can be expensive. Do not buy name brand unless you find a good mismatched sale. You want a quality that is sturdy and the equivalent to a hotel mattress. Unless you have a higher-end Airbnb, stick to the sturdy non-brand names. Avoid the digital adjusted beds and the like.

Instead, if you want new mattresses check out a local furniture store and ask for mismatched, or distressed mattresses.

Can an Airbnb Furnishing Include Used Mattresses?

An Airbnb can included used mattresses but there are two reasons not to. The first is because mattresses wear out and you will have to replace them (even more so when they are being used in a short term rental), and secondly it’s better to NOT have the unknown, such as germs and bugs, for your mattresses. Start out fresh and clean and buy a sturdy but good mattress and keep your guests happy. You can find mattresses on Amazon.

You can, of course, use used mattresses from your own family if they are not needed. But cleanliness and comfort are still important – don’t be a penny saved and a pound foolish.

Just a side note, don’t overlook futons as a sleep source. They are inexpensive and can give you more sleeping spots to add to your advertising. Also, in a living room, they are a cheap alternative to a sofa. In a three-bedroom house, it wouldn’t be an issue if the smaller bedrooms had futons as beds provided they were nice. Normally, stick to a mattress for the main bedroom – the exception would be if your property is a cabin or bare bone property – huts, busses, treehouses, etc.

How Can I check for Bugs before Buying a Mattress?

Bedbugs are tiny creatures and generally you will not see one scurring across a mattress; if you do (and they are not fast travelers) that means there is a whole colony of them. They are reddish-brown in color.

When buying a used mattress look for black spots. These spots indicate the feces of bedbugs. If you see tiny pearlish colored “things” those are eggs. There might also be rust colored spots which indicates the blood after it feeds on it’s host.

If the mattress you are considering buying is in place with a headboard, be sure and look there for evidence of bugs as this is a popular bug destination.

How Much Should I expect to Spend on Bedroom Furnishing?

The average bedroom can be furnished for $750. On a two bedroom, it would be expected that a little more money would be spent on furishing the master beddroom. This could include a missmatched or discounted mattress, simple frame off of craigslist or Walmart, dresser (possibly – but not necessary), book shelf, end table and knickknacks. The main bedroom will cost more as it’s assumed the mattress will be a king or queen.

It is appropriate to put a twin (or two twin) in the smaller bedroom; or even futons. NOTE: make sure your pictures show what your room contains so there’s no surprises. Guest absolutely need to know what they are getting and where each member of the guests will sleep.

If you have a more deluxe Airbnb by all means invest in higher end and bedboards etc – show off woodwork!

Simple bedroom

Notice in the above picture that this room doesn’t even have a dresser – it has two simple modern end tables and only two knickknacks and a rug. Think as a minimalist when it comes to decor – by decorating simple you are giving the feel of a large room.

How Much Should I expect to Spend on the Living Room Furnishings?

For a simple living room with Craigslist furnishings, expect to pay about $1000 to $1500 for a sofa, love seat or futon, coffee table, end tables, book shelf and knickknacks.

For an average Airbnb you are looking for matching wood pieces, and sofa and love seat that match. Having said that; do note that if you don’t match sofa and love seat (or chair) they can be easily pulled together by matching pillows. Notice this picture below which has mismatched seating and cheap tables. With nice knickknacks and pillows it can be pulled together. Also note, that you can pull together mismatch if the tables are matching – and matching tables are less expensive than matching sofas and chairs.

The living room is the area that can fluctuate the most in cost; if you shop carefully and look for discounts and used items, the savings can be spent on other areas like the bedrooms.

When it comes to sofas, love seats, and chairs, stir away from reclining chairs if possible – they break easier, are harder to clean, cost more, and don’t always have the clean eye appeal that a simple design has. When furnishing an Airbnb darker colors are your friend because they don’t stain as easily. Also notice the rug is dark and has no design. Keep that tip in mind; because it will be easier to “pull” in your theme if you have more solid colors. Add pizzaz color to pillows, knickknacks and pictures.

mismatched chair – inexpensive tables

How Much Does it cost to Furnish an Airbnb Kitchen?

A simple kitchen or dining area can be furnished with used wood furniture that look polished and fresh from Craigslist, garage sales, or nickle savers. Don’t forget Ikea, which has some modern looking furniture.

The Average cost for furnishing a simple Airbnb kitchen is about $400. This would be $300 or so for a nice used wooden table with matching chairs and knickknacks, and another $100 for a microwave and some pictures. This is assuming the house already has a refrigerator.

Dining/kitchen area

What additional Miscellaneous items will I need for an Airbnb?

Leave around $600 to do various updates such as nicer door knobs and small pictures for bathroom, bedrooms, and kitchen. Used lamps that match from Ikea or off craigs list if you have extra money from the other expenses.

Don’t forget to set aside money for extra linens. Buy these in bulk in the off season and buy extra for quick cleaning. See my tips on cleaning.

Additionally, cleaning supplies will cost about $100.

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